Art archive

I’ve included here a selection of work done between 1968 (when I was an art student in Cardiff) and 2004 (though there are also a few drawings from 2006 in the Landscape drawings section). The quality of many of the images is not good, particularly the older ones which are often scanned from old photographs and photocopies. At least they give an indication of work that would otherwise be unrecorded.

To explore click on list below or menu on right. Dates are approximate.

1966-1969    Student work

1970-1974    Actions/performances/installations

1974-1977    Working exhibitions

1975-1979    Paper Trails

1979-1980    Paintings: Archaeology of Feeling

1980-1985    Objects & Apparitions

1989-1997    Still-life paintings

1998-2006    Landscape drawings

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