People and objects

In this section I’m including various drawings of people and objects that don’t seem to fit in with the main strands of recent work. Most of them are made with graphite and watercolour, with occasional use of conté crayon and ink.

Drawing 10 still life c2005Drawing 10: still life c2005
Dancing drawing 18 July 2006Dancing drawing 18 July 2006
Figure August 2006 (detail)Figure August 2006 (detail)
Figure November 2006Figure November 2006
Monk drawing c2006-2007Monk drawing c2006-2007
Monk study c2008-2011Monk study c2008-2011
Drawing 1 c2011 Graphite on paper 32 x 22 insDrawing 1 c2011 Graphite on paper 32 x 22 ins
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