1970-1974 Actions/performances/installations

Between 1970 and 1974 much of my work was concerned with the writing of scores for actions. In most cases these scores were used as the basis for actions presented in public spaces. Sometimes the actions were done with no intended audience. In some cases the scores were never intended to be more than ideas to be enacted in one’s head. The first action I made (in 1968) was done while I was a student and I think it was the first student action/performance done at the art school (which later became a highly-respected centre for fine art performance studies). I’m including here a selection of works that give a flavour of the kinds of things I was doing.

Action for a Summer’s Day June 1968

Object Music April 1971

Antibodies 1971-73

Every Day Something Changes April 1973

Watering Place May 1973

In Memorium Trout Fishing in America Shorty October 1973

Early Bird 1973-74

A Day at the Hermitage June 1976

Earthman 1976-77

Scores & related drawings

Other works

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