Ghosthouse – (with Charles Garrad), Exeter Festival, UK. June 1975.

In the summer of 1975, Charles Garrad and I worked in various rooms of an empty house in Exeter, as part of the city festival. We made work that took account of the particular qualities, shape and size of each space. While we worked independently in different rooms, we maintained a productive dialogue, encouraging each other to develop fresh ideas and forms. It was a constructive yet challenging interaction out of which emerged this work, Ghosthouse. I wanted to bring materials collected from nearby woods and fields into the urban environment. To establish an ambiguous tension in the room – as if the room had been inhabited by a hermit – a site of ritual and homage to a being (maybe animal, maybe human, maybe both) signified by the image made from white pigment in the centre of the space.

Ghosthouse - main viewGhosthouse – main view
Ghosthouse - detail 1Ghosthouse – detail 1
Ghosthouse - detail 2Ghosthouse – detail 2
Ghosthouse - detail 3Ghosthouse – detail 3
Ghosthouse - detail 4Ghosthouse – detail 4
Ghosthouse - detail 5Ghosthouse – detail 5
Ghosthouse - drawing done as work was in progressGhosthouse – drawing done as work was in progress
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