Interwoven nature: relatedness and identity in a changeful world

Interwoven nature: relatedness and identity in a changeful world, is now available from Amazon. Published by Whitewick Press, Dec. 2016.

With a text complemented by my own photographs and drawings, the book is a reflection on human identity within nature – weaving together two voices: an old man looking back on his long life; and a young man thinking analytically about the future. I argue that, if we fully realise our porous interwoven nature, we will not feel and behave like beings separate from, and in conflict with, the natural world. I write about how everything is interrelated within a universe of endless change, and about how we locate ourselves in, and navigate ways through, this fluid relational world – a world full of surprises, dangers, challenges and delights.  Drawing on ideas from Buddhism, Daoism, ecology, science, art, poetry and philosophy, the two voices are used to suggest that the natural world is a site of grace and wonder – a place in which human beings can come to a realisation of who they are and how they are implicated in the world around them.

The book is composed like a collage, a gathering of notes, images and stories drawing the reader into thinking about themselves and the world in new ways – opening up a sense of exploration and curiosity about what it is to be a human being in a world of countless beings.

Interwoven cover

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