To see the light: 100 poems

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To see the light: 100 poems, is now available from Amazon. Published by Whitewick Press, June 2020.

My latest book comprises a personal selection of poems written between 1967 and 2019. From the back cover blurb:

Throughout his long writing life Danvers’ work as artist and poet has centred on the miracle and mystery of being alive – being open to the sights and sounds of countryside and town – the whir of dragonfly wings and the rush of tyre on tarmac. Rooted in the practice of Zen meditation, the poems are concentrates, reminders and summonings-up of intense experiences of connection and location – what it is to be in a place – to lose all sense of separation in the flood of sensation, memory, thought and motion.

Bringing his artist’s eye to bear on the rural and urban landscapes in which he has lived and worked, Danvers explores his changing identity as boy, son, husband, father, student and teacher – always infused with curiosity, empathy and surprise. In their brevity, condensation and clarity the poems have affinities with the work of Kenneth Rexroth, Gary Snyder, R S Thomas. Mary Oliver, Gillian Allnutt, and the Japanese and Chinese poets Basho and Tu Fu. Each poem is a den of experience in which to sit and reflect, and from which to see the light of the passing world.

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